Job Title:                     Electrical Mechanic  


Department:               Maintenance             


FLSA Status:               Non-Exempt              


Reports To:                Maintenance Supervisor


Troubleshoot and identify electronic and mechanical problems. Repair complex electrical, electronic, mechanical equipment. Utilize multi-skilled approach to problem solving and testing equipment and diagrams to isolate problems. Understand and utilize wide array of tools and equipment.



·         Identify faults or problems in equipment/machinery

·         Diagnosing problems in a physical process

·         Identify faults in equipment

·         Identify errors in flow charts

·         Critically examining information for accuracy/quality

·         Analyzing numerical information

·         Analyzing written information

·         Repairing machinery or equipment

·         Regular checking of machinery for maintenance

·         Examine machinery/equipment to check working order

·         Adjust machines

·         Setting up equipment or machinery for operation

·         Regulating speed of machinery (other than transport)

·         Connecting or wiring electrical apparatus in sequence

·         Assembling apparatus, ect.

·         Using non-precision tools (e.g., knives, saws)

·         Using precision tools or instruments (e.g., engraving)

·         Using hand-held power machinery

·         Using short-handled tools/implements (not precision)

·         Using long-handled tools or implements

·         Generating solutions to problems with equipment

·         Suggesting new solutions to production problems

·         Finding ways to improve efficiency of an operation

·         Other duties as assigned, including but not limited to this list





  • Experience in maintenance and equipment installation, including high voltage electricity and/or electronics.
  • Minimum of 4-6 years of previous experience working on similar electrical, electron and mechanical equipment
  • Possess Technical Skills to complete both Mechanical and Electrical repairs
  • Ability to read both Mechanical and Electrical Drawings
  • Knowledge of electrical codes and PLC’s
  • Working knowledge of pneumatics and hydraulics a plus
  • Able to follow instructions and make decisions
  • Must be proven self-starter to complete projects/work orders
  • The ability to work 10 to 12 hour shifts


  • High diploma or GED
  • Some post-secondary education
  • 1-3 years of formal job related training
  • 4-6 years of job related work experience



  • The ability to read and write English
  • The ability to communicate effectively both orally and verbally



  • Ability to perform basic math skills
  • Ability to interpret and utilize various units of measure and their conversions



  • Ability to generate solutions to problem without equipment
  • Recommends new solutions to production problems
  • Finding ways to improve processes and efficiencies on a production 

Location:  3765 Sunnybrook Rd Brimfield, OH 44240 
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