Hess Print Solutions utilizes a foreign mail consolidator to process your foreign addresses. This allows us to get the best rates by combining your mail with others, heading to the same country. This consolidation does not slow your pieces down.

We will provide all shipping info – pickup date – and release date to the foreign mail stream. Below find some of the options we provide, along with standard delivery expectations.

HPS will build a package of services best suited to each customer’s unique requirements. When necessary we will even register your publication with the country of mailing to save you postage (See Canada Post options below).

Hess Print solutions is a qualified UPS Canadian Non-Resident importer

What exactly does that mean?

As an OPTION: For all shipments going into Canada, whereas Hess is paying (on behalf of our client) all duties and taxes:

1. The $15 per shipment, surcharge is waived.

2. The Canadian Customs becomes virtually seamless

  • No need to contact the consignee for brokerage authorization
  • No need to contact the shipper for Letter of Authorization
  • All charges are billed back to the HPS (who in turn, bills our client)
  • UPS Canada Brokerage provided as one bill (vs. Can and US separate bills now)
This will not only be more cost effective, it will speed up your shipments and ensure that they not get "hung-up" at Canadian Customs. In the past, customs has held our shipment until they could verify who was responsible for duties and taxes - normally contacting the "ship too" customer looking for help. This resulted in some packages being delayed for over a week. Since we will already be on file - that will not happen.

These shipments will ship under our NRI UPS number.