Transform Customer Data into Revenue

Maximize the potential of your catalog and increase return on your marketing investment when you use our powerful Catalog Performance Management (CPM) program. Let the knowledgeable data analysts at Hess Print Solutions use CPM to transform your customer data into intelligent and creative marketing initiatives that fine tune the performance of your catalog and drive more revenue to your bottom line.

  • Target print and internet campaigns
  • Discover e-commerce opportunities
  • Track revenue streams
  • Control inventory and identify non-performing products
  • Evaluate page content
  • Optimize content of future catalogs
  • Reward high-volume customers with special promotions
  • Create related product associations
  • Maximize return on investment

Get greater lift out of your marketing programs when we help you better understand and leverage your valuable customer data. Want to know more about how we can contribute to your profitability? Contact us today!